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A powerful solution for your dairy

Cattle Care computer vision tracks all deviatons that could affect milk quality, milk production and animal welfare. 

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Our customers

We are working with 30 dairy farms and observing over 70,000 cows daily. 

Here are testimonials from our customers:

"We have lower mastitis, lower somatic cell count. Our shift timing is much more consistent.

It's a good tool to improve your animal welfare."

E.J. de Jong, Hanford, CA

The owner of 2 dairies milking 8,000 cows

Missed pre-dipping, striping

and post-dipping

Wiping of several cows

with the same towel

What exactly does the software detect?

Our software works for parallel, herringbone and rotary.

Missed pre-dipping, striping

and post-dipping

Early manual detach

of milking machines

Wiping of several cows

with the same towel

Missed reattaching of machines,

if they fall off too early

Thorough and quick procedures

Un-needed stop of the rotary

Poor location

of workers

Non-protocol and non-standard events

(absence of employee; cell phones; smoking, etc.)

Taking care of your data

  • Military-grade encrypted VPN channel

  • Computer vision algorithms developed in-house

  • Reports are published on our website that employs industry-standard encryption

  • Access to reports is restricted to only authorized users

Compare your shifts

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It’s easy to benchmark different shifts and employees against the goals with our program. As a result, we help enable improved outcomes:

  • Increased milk throughput, milk quality

  • Getting fewer cases of mastitis

  • Improved animal welfare

More milk, less mastitis, improved animal welfare.

Please reach out if you're interested to learn more:

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Or just call/text us at (559) 380-2550

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