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all operations
in a milking parlor

Get an automated report about

all the protocol deviations happening in your milking facility.

To enhance the quality of our services, at Cattle Care we offer a free demonstration to our prospective clients showcasing the capabilities of our system.

What exactly does the software detect?

Our software works for herringbone, rotary and parallel.

Missed post-dipping

Missed pre-dipping, striping

and post-dipping

Wiping of several cows  with the same towel

Wiping of several cows

with the same towel

Early manual detach  of milking machines

Early manual detach

of milking machines

How it works

Our software taps into a dairy’s existing security camera, capturing video from a milking shift and uploading it for processing on the company’s secure servers. The company’s video analytics algorithms can spot deviations from what a producer would expect to see in a milking parlor operating at 100 percent efficiency.

For example, the company’s service can spot when a milker manually removes a milking unit too soon, doesn’t post-dip a cow, or is on their phone during a milking shift. These deviations are captured as short video clips and made available for producers to view and share in their online dashboard.

We will launch our software remotely within 2 weeks.

Our customers

We are working with 80 dairy farms and observing over 250,000 cows daily. 

E.J. de Jong,

Hanford, CA


The owner of 2 dairies milking 8,000 cows

"We have lower mastitis, lower somatic cell count. Our shift timing is much more consistent.

It's a good tool to improve your animal welfare."

Larry Dutra, Manteca, CA
Milking 2,000 cows

This product saves me a couple of cows a month.


Thorough and quick procedures

Un-needed stop of the rotary

Poor location

of workers

Non-protocol and non-standard events

(absence of employee; cell phones; smoking, etc.)

Taking care of your data

  • Military-grade encrypted VPN channel

  • Computer vision algorithms developed in-house

  • Reports are published on our website that employs industry-standard encryption

  • Access to reports is restricted to only authorized users

Compare your shifts

Graph Average number of issues per hour for each shift

It’s easy to benchmark different shifts and employees against the goals with our program. As a result, we help enable improved outcomes:

  • Increased milk throughput, milk quality

  • Getting fewer cases of mastitis

  • Improved animal welfare

More milk, less mastitis, improved animal welfare.

Please reach out if you're interested to book a free demo:

Or just call/text us at (209) 308-8466

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