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A powerful solution for your dairy

Cattle Care computer vision tracks all deviatons that could affect milk quality, milk production and animal welfare. 

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Solutions for different part of your dairy farm:

Milking parlor

  • Control all deviations of milking routines

  • Get an automated report with all detected issues and see what exactly goes wrong on the small video frame

  • Chose what part of daily routines you want to improve

  • Look at the progress on your farm or on separated pit/shift 

  • Be sure that all works as it should

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Holding Area

  • Crowd gate problems

  • Workers mistakes or incorrect actions

  • Misc or aggressive interaction with animals

Milk tank

  • Milk loss and scoring of the amount of milk loss

  • Filter changing

  • Milk test

Individual routines quality

  • individual card for each worker

  • measure the quantity of moving and the length of action

  • Graphs and tables for comfortable analytic

Bonus system

  • one or two weeks statistic for working shifts 

  • you can choose events, trash holds, and numerous of bonus levels

Group management (GMP)

 Monitoring of feeding table

  • when and how often the feed was pushed

  • when feed was far from the cows

  • when the feeding table becomes empty

  • how many cows were on the feeding table

  • the duration of a headlock 

  • two weeks report with all the statistic

Or just call/text us at (559) 380-2550

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