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all operations
in a milking parlor

Get an automated report about

all the protocol deviations happening in your milking facility.

How it works

We use your existing security video cameras

inside your milking parlor.

Provided those cameras have unimpeded

view of the milking process.

You do not need to install any additional equipment.

We will launch our software remotely within 1 week.

What reports you will get

You will get several reports from which you can get a calculated number of issues. These reports will allow you to have an overview of your dairy’s performance, compare the metrics and track your progress.

Total issues table


Total issues table helps you analyze your weekly progress of certain issues. It also provides an overview of how many cows were affected by certain mistakes. You can go directly to video reports from this table and change visualization based on your preferences. 

Shifts timing

Shifts timing allows you to see when the shifts start and end working. It is integrated with your shifts schedule and helps analyze any deviations from a prescheduled timing.


Reports calendar

Calendar with video reports calculates the number of mistakes for each day. You can go to video reports for a certain day directly from that report.

Progress report

Progress report is an overview of your performance depending on the issue you choose. You can not only see the overall progress but also choose a specific pit and shift and choose a period you are interested in. You can also calculate the issues on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Video report 


Video reports are available every day. You can see video reports for every issue and put the comment to make notes (for example, identify a certain employee). You can also add a certain video to favorites to watch that later or show your employee the mistake (some of the clients use the system from the tablet and go directly to the parlor to train the milker)

More milk, less mastitis, improved animal welfare.

Producers nearby have already applied our software

"We have lower mastitis, lower somatic cell count. Our shift timing is much more consistent.

It's a good tool to improve your animal welfare."

E.J. de Jong, Hanford, CA

The owner of 2 dairies milking 8,000 cows

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Or just call/text us at (559) 380-2550

Artificial Intelligence at the service of dairymen

There are also other additional reports that Cattle Care provides such as a report of short routines, throughout charts that show the full timing of milking – from loading the cows to getting the cows out and help monitoring time efficiency and compare different shifts; we do aggressive interactions alerts and do AI hints that help identify a repeating event/bad behaviour by milker

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