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Get Artificial Intelligence to check out your parlor

Find out your milkers performance

strengths and weaknesses 

Common mistakes in a milking parlor

Missed pre-dipping, striping
and post-dipping

These mistakes lead to diseases spread and milk quiality decrease

Wiping of several cows with the same towel


This mistake leads to bacteria spreading from one cow to another. If one cow is sick, then there is a high probability that other cows will get infected as well. The more cows are wiped with the same towel, the worse are the consequences

Early manual detach of milking machines


Some employees might deattach a machine manually by pushing the button. It decreases milk yield and increases the probability of cows getting sick 

Missed reattaching of machines, if they fall off too early


If equipment isn't reattached after early fall off 50-70% of milk might be lost

How will you benefit from a milking parlor initial audit?

Praise employees for great work
Find out your milkers performance strengths and weaknesses 
Retrain your employees about key areas

Producers nearby have already applied our software

"We have lower mastitis, lower somatic cell count. Our shift timing is much more consistent.

It's a good tool to improve your animal welfare."

E.J. de Jong, Hanford, CA

The owner of 2 dairies milking 8,000 cows

Artificial Intelligence at the service of dairymen

We use your existing security video cameras inside your milking parlor.

What exactly does the software detect? 

Our software works for parallel, herringbone, and rotary.

We detect: 

  • mistakes in the milking protocol

  • examples of perfect routines

  • poor location of workers

  • non-protocol and non-standard events (absence of employee; cell phones; smoking, etc.)

What should be done to get a demo?

1. Please provide us with your contact

       We will reach out to you to get more details

2. Connecting to your security cameras

        We can do it remotely with a help of your IT person if needed

3. The demo will be ready within a couple of weeks

        You'll get a report with what our software can detect in your parlor

If we detect less than 20 mistakes in your parlor, we will waive the cost of a demo and present you a gift

Book a call with founder

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